Compliance - Easy User Verification

Know Your Customers

You are in control of your KYC policy. We provide you the tools to verify your customers to a bank-grade standard. We use industry leading third parties in the background to verify the legitimacy of the Identity documents which your customers scan via the kiosk. 


You decide if and When to ask your customer to verify their identity.

All done within seconds at the kiosk, whilst the customer is standing in front of it. A web application will also soon be introduced to supplement this.

You also decide to what extend: Basic personal information capturing or full scale bank grade ID verification.

Once the ID document's legitimacy has been approved, a real live selfy image is used to ensure the documents match the person standing infront of the kiosk.

Verified profiles and extend of KYC passed, are shared across the global WhiteEdge™ kiosk network so that customer only ever have to be verified once.

No customer ID docoment images are held on file. It is permanently deleted once the verification process is concluded.


3D Facial Recognition


Compliance - ML Risk Mitigation

Anti Money Laundering Screening

Screen against vast data bases and be in control who you service. From Sanctions and terrorist lists to dark-web tainted crypto wallets, you have the power to determine, within seconds, which customers you allow to to use your kiosks.


Screen customer personal information in real time against terrorist, sanctions and politically exposed persons lists.

Compliance made easy by closed loop audit trial of all transactions and screening.

Crypto wallets are screened in real time via deep reaching intelligence software, allowing you to detect and report wallets linked to clandestine activities.

Export AML screening results on demand.

You decide what happens next when a customer or crypto wallet has been flagged. Decline service, perform due enhanced due dilligence, file SAR or simply nothing.

Further mitigate money laundering and fraud risk by accessing a shared a blocked crypto wallet list. Instantly deny your service to these wallets.

Big Screen - Big Business

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Open new revenue streams by displaying third party (or your own) advertisements, surveys, upselling or donation pledges.


32 Inch Full HD 10 point captive touch screen. A more high-end user experience.

Display content not only as the screensaver but also during critical moments when the customer is engaged, thus maximising user interaction with your content.

Monitor exactly how many ads you displayed, how many minutes a video ran, how many user engagement and ultimately responses it triggered.


Easy Integration - Account For Every Transaction

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White Edge Technology Machine - Cut out

WhiteEdge Admin™ - Control Your Business

Self-Service Kiosk

Self-Service Kiosk

Earn money from your host locations by sharing the kiosk. They pay for using it as a self service checkout machine to lower their labour overheads. Voilà, another revenue stream has been created.



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Showroom example

Showroom example

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So Much More Than Just A Crypto Kiosk

Self-Service Checkout*

Digital Advertising, Donations, Surveys, Upselling and Interactive Content

Currency Exchange

Gambling and Other Gaming*

Digital Signage Including Customer Personal Information & Feedback Capturing*

*available soon