Alabaster Grande

32” Full HD Captive Touchscreen, aesthetically appealing and ready to adorn any host location. Comes with thermal printer, POS holder, QR code reader, 1080p front camera with facial recognition and NFC card reader.

Display Full HD Advertising

Recycle up to 160 Mixed Denominations

Bank Grade AML & KYC Screening

Accept up to 2000 Bank Notes

Optional: Accept & Dispense Coins

Facial Recognition Front Camera


Allow Customers To Buy Bitcoin In Exchange For Cash

Transactions Are Made Automatically By The Machine Within Seconds

You Choose What Percent Markup You Wish To Charge Ontop Of The Spot Rate

You Choose Which Wallet/Exchange The Crypto Is Sent From

Once The Machine Cash Capacity Is Full, You Make A Cash Withdrawal


Allow Customers To Sell Crypto To You

The Machine Will Only Release The Cash When The Crypto Has Arrived In Your Wallet/Exchange

You Choose The Commission Percentage

No Manual Cash Replenishments Are Required Because The Cash Is Recycled

You Choose Which Wallet/Exchange The Crypto Gets Sent To


Exchange CRYPTO

Allow Customers To Exchange Crypto With Other Crypto

You Choose Your Commission

Once The Customer's Crypto Arrived In Your Wallet, The Exchange Crypto Is Sent Within Seconds

Choose From Hundreds Of Crypto Combinations

This Is The Only Crypto ATM That Supports Crypto To Crypto

All Major Exchanges & Wallets Supported

WhiteEdge™ Cockpit puts you in control

Admin Panel - Example 6.jpeg
Admin Panel - Example 5.jpeg

Track your live profits.

View all your stats and figures.

Give your staff restricted access.

Get notified for every transaction.

Bank-Grade KYC & AML Screening

Finley Rassmussen

As the COO of Scandinavia's largest digital advertising agency, we were toying with the ideo of creatinhg additional revenue channels by not only displaying digital adverts but also allowing customers to buy/sell crypto via our digital advertising totems. We are working with WhiteEdge™ to have their crypto software run on our machines. Looking forward to a great partnership.

Julian Sièmpre

Not an operator yet but trying to get my feet wet. Marvin, was able to provide me with top class consulting. He oozes with experience and expertise and I was able to get a better idea of how to launch my crypto atm network.

Niklas Thiele

The communication from idea inception to delivery of the machines was phenomenal. We received all 35 atms well ahead of schedule and are still working with WhiteEdge during the installation phase.


On The Counter

*From $2,899

Wall Mounted

*From $3,899

Free Standing

*From $4,699

Frequently asked questions

How long, from the moment i paid, does it take until i receive my kiosk?

We ship internationally. So depending on your geographic location it can be as quickly as 1 week or as long as 6 weeks. To find out more on shipping and lead times, why dont you head over to our shipping page.

Do i need to know computer programming or have IT or Blockchain knowledge to run a crypto vending kiosk?

No, absolutely not. All you need to have is business acumen. Our digital vending kiosk, unlike other brands, is an off the shelf solution and is suitable even for computer illiterate individuals.

I want to be a crypto atm operator. How do i start?

In very simplistic terms, all you need are: 1. WhiteEdge™ Crypto vending kiosk (any model). 2. A crypto wallet with the crypto you wish to sell and buy via the WhiteEdge™ kiosk. This can be a stand alone wallet like block.io or an exchange wallet like Coinbase. 3. A host location to place your machine. This should idealy be a high footfall location. You may have to pay the location rent or a commission. 4. Someone, if not yourself, to do the cash withdrawals when the cash box is full up. It's as simple as that. If you have any more intricate questions, please email us at hello@whiteedgetechnology.com.

I want to get rich, how does this help me?

No one gets rich over night but starting a business at the right time is often a pivotable step towards creating wealth. Bitcoin and crypto currencies are still a nacent phenomenom. With this new technology a lot of opportunities were created with very little entry barriers. So whilst the entry barriers are still low, it is an exciting opportunity for any start-up/entrepreneur.

Once I bought my crypto kiosk, will there be any ongoing costs?

Yes. In order to provide you with ongoing software support and an a superior platform we charge 1% of your turnover/revenue. Revenue is defined as any transaction your machine performs succesfully. All new customers have a 2 month free period.

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